Foam Lake Jubilee Home - Pet Visitation Associate

Animals have been found to benefit people socially, psychologically, and physiologically.  The goals of pet visitation programs are to provide opportunities for patients to reach and maintain their optimal level of physical and mental functioning; to maintain or re-establish interests, social contacts and dignity, to alleviate anxiety and redirect attention from their own condition and try to provide an outlet for emotion; and to provide structured, meaningful daily activity.

 All dogs are to be certified and temperament tested by a Certified Pet Dog Trainer or by St. John’s Ambulance. They will be placed in areas according to their certification level.  

 Vaccinations are to be up to date prior to first animal visit o Handlers must complete all required SaskHA Registered Volunteer processes

The physical and mental ability to do the work assigned

 Refined interpersonal skills

 The willingness to accept training and supervision

 A willingness to comply with SaskHA policies and procedures

 Volunteers are to provide pet visitation only and not utilize therapy dogs as “tools” for therapy.


 Volunteers must follow SaskHA hand hygiene protocols and infection control procedures

 Volunteers must maintain patient privacy and confidentiality

 Volunteers must follow SaskHA policies and procedures  

Times will be arranged between Rec staff and volunteer. No set schedule is needed.