The Erskine Glasgow Home (EGH) - Mealtime Support Volunteers (EGH)

We are seeking Mealtime Support Volunteers for all our Erskine Homes and are currently recruiting for our Erskine Glasgow Home in Dorchester Avenue Glasgow. Your role will be to offer support and encouragement at mealtimes for our residents who require it, to optimise wellbeing through good nutritional care

 In addition to offering assistance to residents to enjoy their meals through prompting and direct support, volunteers bring social interaction and this valuable support makes mealtimes for our residents more pleasurable. It also eases pressure on the care staff affording them the time to concentrate on residents with more complex care needs at these busy periods within the Homes

If you are able to assist with this Volunteer service we would be very keen to hear from you, as it is such an important part of our residents' day and a time that is made more pleasurable with interaction from our Volunteers. Training is offered by Erskine Speech and Language services

We have opportunities for you to volunteer at lunch or with the dinner service in the evenings however we are particularly keen to hear from those who can offer support at lunchtime. Volunteer shifts for this would be  12.15/12.30 - 1.15/1.30