Captains are highly skilled volunteers who lead groups of 20-30 + volunteers to achieve specific event-related tasks/goals. Captains must be flexible, easy going, and have strong leadership skills. Captains are able to coordinate groups of people and be able to motivate their volunteers to complete a number of specific tasks.

Captains are given a large component of events such as a main road at the parade, traffic control, vendor management etc. You will work closely with VPS staff, and will have access to full lists of event information, to help with your role.

The goal of Captains is to make the volunteer experience, and attendees experience fun and exciting. The Captain role has a high degree of responsibility and we rely on Captains to attend pre-event meetings, and event days for 4-12 hours.

If you are interested in becoming a Captain and have been volunteering with VPS for at least 1 Pride Season, please send your resume and brief description of your experience to

Please note this role requires the highest time commitment of all roles