Enhanced Support (Emergency Department) (18+ Only)

Please note, you must be 18 or over to apply for this role.
The Enhanced Support Volunteer Role within the Emergency Department is to provide voluntary support to nursing staff, whilst maintaining respect for the individuality, confidentiality and dignity of all patients. There are many opportunities to support our patients.  As a volunteer, it would be your role to talk, listen and reassure patients within all areas of the Emergency Department, including waiting room and Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU). Provide information to waiting patients and signposting to nursing team where appropriate. Offering refreshments to patients and conversing with them whilst they await further treatment or transfers. Particularly supporting any patients which are confused by utilising our games and twiddles mats which are available in the Emergency Department. Within this role you would also support staff collecting items from the lab or pharmacy and ensuring the linen drawers are stocked up.