H.A.L.O. No Kill Rescue

As a nonprofit animal rescue, we rely heavily on the assistance of caring and hardworking volunteers for all of our programs. Volunteers can work directly with the animals increasing their chances for adoption by providing much needed human contact and socialization, or work behind the scenes feeding and caring for the 200 plus homeless pets that call H.A.L.O. their temporary home, or help educate the community on our mission and promote responsible pet ownership. The future of no-kill rescue lies largely with YOU!

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Volunteering with H.A.L.O.

Main Shelter Animal Care - Dog

Help with the cleaning shifts at H.A.L.O. caring for, feeding, and cleaning the animals during their stay with us. You can make a stressful environment feel more like home through extra blankets, toys, grooming, and TLC!

Vero Beach Adoption Center

Who doesn’t love kittens? Our Vero Beach Adoption Center, located in the Indian River Mall, is home to over 30 cats and kittens along with rabbits and guinea pigs. Volunteers are responsible for cleaning, feeding and providing general care of the rescues as well as facilitate their adoptions.

Laundry Assistant

At H.A.L.O., the comfort of our rescues is one of our top priorities. Providing them with clean, soft bedding and blankets as they prepare for their new homes is the responsibility of our Laundry Assistants.  Proper sorting before washing and correct sanitizing steps must be strictly adhered to for the health of the rescues.   Once dried, laundry must be sorted and stored for animal caregivers use.  Maintaining the washers and dryers for optimal use is mandatory.  Sorting and storing donated linens may be necessary.
Must be at least 18 years old for this opportunity.

Dog Walking

Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof! This position ensures the dogs at H.A.L.O. receive the exercise and TLC they need and deserve every single day. Dog walkers are most needed during morning shifts (9AM) to get the dogs out for their first break of the day and before the Florida heat arrives, but trained walkers are welcome all day long weather permitting.

Thrift Store

All proceeds from our thriftique, H.A.L.O.’s Rescued Treasures, benefits the animals in our shelter. and offers a variety of home decor items, kitchenware, clothing, furniture, collectibles, antiques, and kid’s items. Volunteers assist in organizing donations and helping customers with purchases.

Underdog (Shy Dog) Program

Help rehabilitate a shy dog! This program was designed to help shy and fearful dogs gain trust and confidence. For this volunteer position, you will need to spend time with the dogs and, under the direction of our trainers, use a few training methods to begin to change their perception of people. This position has lots of flexibility!

Dog Pack Pals

Work directly with the dogs! H.A.L.O. uses pack work with the dogs to create positive behavioral modification to enhance their quality of life, provide socialization skills, and increase adoption rates. Work under staff supervision to help the dogs! Shifts begin at 8:00 am and can last until 10:30 am.

Event Liaison

Help spread the word about no-kill rescue! As an Event Liaison, you will promote H.A.L.O.’s mission and work at informational booths at various events within our community. The best part? You get to hang out with adoptable animals while representing H.A.L.O.!


Each day holds a different challenge at H.A.L.O. We can find ourselves with a baby deer that needs to go to Busch Wildlife, or transporting a rescue to a specialist in Orlando for orthopedic surgery, or picking up a raw diet for a kitty with severe allergies. Whatever the day holds, our transport volunteers make it happen. We couldn’t do it without you!

At Home Projects

Being creative is the name of the game! At H.A.L.O. we often come up with crazy ideas with projects or computer work that can be done from home. Anyone want to design a dating website for people and rescues?!

H.A.L.O.'s Mission

H.A.L.O.'s Mission

Helping Animals Live and Overcome (H.A.L.O.) provides a no-kill safe haven where extraordinary measures are taken to save homeless pets and protect them from abuse and neglect. H.A.L.O. believes in engaging our community by providing resources, education, and programs to do the same. 
H.A.L.O.'s Vision
To create a world with no more homeless pets.