Victorian Needle Syringe Program - Dandenong

This volunteering opportunity is currently located upstairs at 314c Thomas Street (near the corner of Clow Street).

The Victorian Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) is a public health initiative that aims to minimise the spread of blood-borne viruses such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis B and C among people who inject drugs and into the wider community. The primary function is to provide a full suite of NSP services, including harm reduction information, advice, referrals, and the provision of safe injecting equipment. 

Sterile syringes and needles are available out of hours, however this is limited to a small number of pharmacies and mobile evening outreach for the Southern Metropolitan Region.

Syringe Dispensing Machines (SDM) can be accessed 24/7 by people who inject drugs enabling them to obtain sterile needles, syringes and associated commodities at all hours (at little or no cost), with the aim of reducing transmission of HIV, viral hepatitis and bacterial blood and tissue infections. There are four SDMs located at Monash Clayton, Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital and Pakenham Community Health.

During a volunteer shift you will be packing small boxes which fill the Syringe Dispensing Machines. This is basically process line work. You will make up the flat pack boxes, fold the brochures, fill the boxes accordingly, seal and label the boxes, then pack them in the cartons and stack the cartons ready for pick up. They will then be collected at the end of the week and taken to be packed into the Dispensing Machines. Listening to music and chatting to others is encouraged and welcomed.