Emergency Disaster Services - Canteen Responder

Emergency responders are often working in remote locations in extreme conditions. That's when The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Services Canteen is called into service. This kitchen on wheels provides more than just food and drink. The sight of that canteen also brings encouragement and prayer support to first responders and those affected by disasters. We'll provide training on canteen equipment, the food and the supplies - you stir in the love. Cooks must be at least 18 years of age, able to lift 20 - 30 pounds, have completed the necessary applications and be able to pass a background check. Training in Emergency Disaster Services and food safety will be required as well. Must be willing to drop everything at a moments notice and enjoy getting up at all hours of the night to bring a little comfort and encouragement to friends and neighbors in need. Call Pam at (605) 225-7410 to fill out an application and get a schedule of training dates and times.

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check