Small Animal Enrichment




Small Animal Enrichment Team Volunteer

Objective: To provide small animals (rabbits, hamsters, birds, etc.) with enrichment throughout the day


Tier Level: Tier 2


Prerequisites: Volunteers must first complete 15 hours of Shelter Cleaning and Maintenance or Small Animal Care Team volunteer jobs.



  • Make enrichment toys for small animals.

  • Groom animals, as necessary.

  • Play with animals.

  • Take photographs of animals for marketing purposes.

  • Printing updated kennel cards once pictures have been uploaded

  • Make note of any health or behavioral issues and report to staff.



  • All tier 1 training

  • Small Animal Cleaning eLearning Module


Time and Place:

  • 12-5pm, seven days a week

  • The Chesapeake Humane Society Shelter, 1149 New Mill Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23322



  • 6 month minimum

  • 4 hours per month