Dog Care Team






Dog Care Team Volunteer


  • Provide a hygienic environment for CHS dogs to reside in and for potential adopters to visit

  • Document animal’s poor eating and/or litter box habits, as well as behavioral changes for staff



  • Assist staff in cleaning dog enclosures

  • Feed dogs according to instructions

  • Bathing and grooming of dogs, as needed

  • Restock any supplies that are low at the end of the shift



  • Policies and Procedures Training

  • My Impact Page Training

  • Dog Safety Handling Training

  • Dog Kennel Cleaning Training


Time and Place

  • 8am-11am, seven days a week

  • Chesapeake Humane Society Shelter, 1149 New Mill Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Commitment: This volunteer position can be filled by regular volunteers, groups, or short-term volunteers