Assist in getting athletes on the board if they fall off – be sure to talk to the surfer to make sure he/she is comfortable with being picked up, touched, etc. Help to guide surfers and board out past the breaking waves to the Deep Water volunteer. Be ready to help stabilize athletes/boards to ensure the athlete does not fall into the water and to guide the board toward the shore. Be watchful for any potential safety concern and communicate to those in shallow water or on the beach in case of an emergency or safety concern. All volunteers will receive training from event organizers. Volunteers should be comfortable in the water (ocean) and wear clothing that can get wet. Ability to surf is not a requirement, but is much appreciated. Volunteers should identify themselves at the gate to avoid parking fees. Event jerseys will be worn while in the water and returned when done.



Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • Able to stand and/or walk for long periods of time Must be at least Yes
  • Age range Must be at least 13 or older
  • Comfortable interacting with and supervising large groups of children Must be at least Yes
  • Comfortable interacting with the public and large crowds Must be at least Yes
  • How much weight can you lift safely and comfortably? Must be at least 30 pounds or more
  • Willing to get wet and/or dirty Must be at least Yes