Web Developer

Role Tasks & Responsibilities

Working closely with other POW volunteers and staff to implement improvements to our digital infrastructure

Help design and implement our global digital strategy.

Who we’re looking for

A detailed list of our current technologies is further down this document but at its core a good experience of developing and setting up Wordpress, WooCommerce and associated technologies is key.

Obviously we’d love it if you are an experienced developer with a deep knowledge of containerised Wordpress, integrating with it and deploying into cloud hosting (specifically Google) however that's not to discount those with less experience.  We ideally like to grow a pool of people we can call upon to share the load.

You may not have every skill but an inquisitive mind and willingness to learn new technologies and skills is even more important.

An eye for detail and being able to help expand ideas.

You will have experience working on your own initiative and taking ownership of a project or task.

A personal commitment to the mission and values of Protect Our Winters and a drive to support others to take effective action.


Specific Requirements

Our web presence (https://protectourwinters.uk) is currently built on containerised Wordpress using a customised version of the Jupiter X theme. In future we may look to migrating to an alternative theme to align with other POW chapters.

The site is hosted in on Google Cloud hosting. There is a codified build process built into the source code to enable updates  using git tags.

We have some commerce functionality that is built on top of Woo Commerce that powers our POW Pledge https://protectourwinters.uk/pledge  which is a toolkit to help and reward organisations in taking climate action.

We currently use JIRA to define and prioritise work. If you’ve not used it before it's pretty easy to get the hang of it.

We have some awesome people that have helped us out.  Right now we have some great people helping with UX and our overall IT admin.  We really need some help in these key areas, each of which is in progress to some extent.

  • We need one or more people that really understand containerised Wordpress on Google Cloud to help us document exactly how the system is built and how it deploys

  • We need to make some urgent fixes to the current Wordpress implementation

  • We would like to breakout the POW pledge from the main website into its own entirely separate instance and domain

  • We would ideally like to develop an ongoing relationship with a couple of developers who are able to update and add functionality to our site(s)


Technologies Used



Responsive Design




Gravity Forms








SSL & Lets Encrypt


Linux (the staging site is on a linux vm)


Shell scripts

Docker / Containers

Google cloud hosting: SDK, App Engine, Compute, CloudSQL, CloudCDN, Cloud Storage, Coud Run, IAM, network, Google Big Table, Cloud Source, Stack Driver



Appreciation of Good UX

Payment (Stripe) Integration

Building Wordpress Plugins

Python 3

Salesforce integration

Experience of Elementor Wordpress Template



Nice to have:

Agile / Lean / Lean UX

Adobe suite or similar

BDD/TDD/Unit Testing





Amazon AWS

Google Marketing Suite




What you’ll get in return

  • The ability to to work on some really cool technology and to hopefully learn more.  Also to have a voice in our global digital strategy
  • References and valuable experience within the third sector
  • Support from a passionate team and access to POW events
  • Access to POW UK volunteer discounts/perks

Time Commitment

We have a big backlog some of which is pretty urgent.  We are hoping to get a couple of people to help out so this is really how long is a piece of string.  Iis really up to you and what you are able to provide.  We will work with you to prioritise tasks in JIRA to fit your availability.

How to Apply

Sound like the role for you? Please click "Fill in an application" to the right. If your skills match what we need to succeed in the role, you’ll then be asked to complete a phone interview to find out more.


Thanks for your time!