Strides in Recovery

Welcome to the Strides in Recovery Volunteer Page. This is your gateway to supporting sobriety, one stride at a time.  Sadly, 40-60% of people who receive treatment for their addiction relapse within a year. Our goal is to bring that number way down. Yes, you read that correctly.  Roughly half of all Americans who receive treatment for their addiction will be drinking or using within a year. We believe we can do better.

Regular exercise has been clinically proven to support long term sobriety, yet few programs harness this powerful tool. And, when that exercise is done with a supportive community toward a challenging goal, the outcomes are even better. Our mission is bring the healing power of goal-oriented group exercise to addiction recovery communities so we can change lives and save lives. 

We invite you to be part of the solution. If you are in recovery, know someone battling addiction, or simply want to help us battle a nationwide epidemic, this is your opportunity to pay it forward and get involved.

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Mission Statement

Strides in Recovery is a Los Angeles based nonprofit dedicated to helping people overcome addiction. Working collaboratively with addiction treatment providers and other recovery communities, we lead goal-oriented group running and walking programs for people with substance use disorders.  Our recovery-focused messaging promotes mental, emotional and physical healing, while reinforcing the life skills and mindset needed to support long term sobriety. Our welcoming and supportive environment promotes a sense of community and belonging for all.