Awards Show & Ambassadors Team *MAY 2nd*

The Awards Show takes place on Thursday, May 2nd, 2023 at the Delta Hotel, Downtown Charlottetown. 

You must be available on May 2nd to be on this team. 

Awards Show Support

The Awards Show support role is responsible for assisting with set-Up & tear down, preparing the red carpet with the event team; this includes setting up signage, lights, tables, etc. This role is managed by the ECMA Awards Show team.

Event Ambassadors

The Event Ambassadors support role act as greeters and guides for delegates, musicians and the general public attending the Awards Show. Ushering sponsors and artists to assigned seats, relaying information, and assisting in other tasks as needed. This role is managed by the ECMA Awards Show team.

Awards Show Wrangler 

The Awards Show Wranglers are responsible for organizing and guiding artists and nominees on the red carpet and during the Thursday night awards show, escorting them to ensure they arrive on-time to fulfill media commitments. Applicants should be strong communicators who are able to maintain professionalism, and ideally have experience working with talent in a live show environment. This role is managed by the ECMA Marketing team.