Stage / Tech Assistant Team

Tech Loading and Setup

The Tech Loading and Setup includes supporting show production requirements, loading technical gear from trucks and trailers into the venue. This role is managed by the Technical Director or designated crew member as required.

  • Volunteers must be able to lift and push heavy items, and able to stand and work long hours

  • Experience an asset, but not required

  • No age requirement for this role


The tech & stage support role includes helping with venue and show production requirements. Tasks and activities may include stage management or helping artists get to the stage on time. This role is managed by the ECMA Technical Director and designated managers.

  • Availability for day-time sound checks and evening and late-night showcases is required.

  • Previous experience with stage management, or in event management would be considered an asset

  • Whenever possible, ECMA will assign one (1) stage to an individual; therefore availability for late nights over multiple days will increase your chance of being selected for this crucial team

  • 8 hour shifts are typical for this role

  • Age Requirement 19+