In Person - Group Leader/Facilitator

Some Responsibilities may include:

  • Teaches and leads others in assigned recreational activities in our offices and in the community
  • Meets and greets participants and assists them in finding program information
  • Supports others in learning new skills
  • Assists participants in connecting with other group members, modelling good social skills
  • Reports any needs for program supplies or equipment to the Coordinator of Volunteers
  • Assists in preparing recreation space for group activities
  • Demonstrates ability to work with people with diverse backgrounds
  • Liaise with agency staff, external agencies, and clients
  • Attend team meetings, supervision and training sessions as requested by the Coordinator of Volunteers
  • Reports weekly attendance to the Coordinator of Volunteers


  • Represent SHOP in a professional manner
  • Serve as a mentor for others with mental illness as each person pursues his/her individual recovery journey
  • Advise the coordinator of volunteers immediately if you become aware that a participant is uncomfortable or seems to be in crisis. Volunteers are not to take on a professional counselling role
  • Identify physical safety risk factors and advise the Coordinator of Volunteers or other staff
  • Cooperate with the harmony and good functioning of the office
  • Exhibits enthusiasm, respect, adaptability, flexibility, and spirit of cooperation in the work environment
  • Ensure understanding of limits and respect confidentiality

Requirements and qualifications:

  • Knowledge and understanding of mental health and addiction problems
  • Lived experience with mental health/addictions is an asset
  • Experience in Consumer/Survivor run programs an asset
  • Ability to communicate in English, a second language an asset
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Group facilitation/presentation skills an asset
  • Ability to build trusting relationships with service users
  • Problem solving skills
  • Motivation to support disadvantaged or vulnerable people
  • An understanding of equal opportunities
  • An awareness of health & safety issues in the workplace



  • As scheduled, flexibility is required
  •  Availability approximately four hours per month
  • Commitment of a minimum of 4 months