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Getting Involved on Exmoor is important

We rely on volunteers to get involved and undertake valuable work from practical countryside management, wildlife surveying and controlling invasive species to inputting data and helping in a public facing roles in our National Park Centers and at public events delivering family activities.

Volunteers compliment our staff effort and help to increase the amount we can achieve together.

Take a look at our volunteer opportunities below, if you are interested in anything then fill out the application or contact the person listed against that activity.  For more general enquirers contact getinvolved@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk.

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Volunteer Roles

2. Education / Outreach / Event Support Volunteers

Every year  Staff and volunteers help hundreds of school children and families to visit and learn about Exmoor.  We need volunteers to help in different capacities, from:-

  • Delivering educational activities
  • Acting as marshals, ensuring safety on site (particularly with large public events)
  • Helping with environmental play

What Next-

If you are interested in undertaking this role please sign up for the activities below or fill in the application form and a member of staff will be in contact to talk through the role in more detail.  Once fully signed up you'll be able to pick which events you are able to help with.

If you would like to have an informal chat first please contact as below.

Further info/contact- Name: Patrick Watts-Mabbott  Position: Volunteer and Outreach Officer    Tel: 07973727469      email: pwatts-mabbott@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk  or see contacts in the individual activities. 

Activity Shifts Start End
Outdoor Events Support Assistants 1

6. Site Monitor Volunteer

Make regular trips to ensure your site is good order.  remove any litter, and make appropriate check as detailed for each site.

Activity Shifts Start End
Barlynch Priory Volunteer Guide 1

ENNIS Invasive Plant Surveying

Sign up to check you river reach at least once before the end of August 2020.  After this if we still have gaps we will ask for people to fill them through September.times a year. 

The species we are mainly looking for are.

  • Japanese knotweed
  • Himalayan knotweed
  • Himalayan balsam
  • American skunk cabbage
  • Montbretia

However we can accept observations for anything.  In fact if you don't find any of the target species.  It is usefull if you can record somthing every 250 meters or so so we can see where has been surveyed.

Anything you find should be added to the ENNIS project on iNaturalist where you will be prompted to state the side of the river, density of growth and m2 being covered.

 If you have doubts to the I.d. just add the photo and we'll do our best to help. 

It is always worth double checking you location as well.   Offten best done when you get home.

Below you should have a list of sites and routes we want surveying.  These are our priority routes, and we will try and assign 1 or two people to each one.  But feel free to also walk others, and also to look anywhere you go in the national park.


If need any help or have any questions call Patrick Watts-Mabbott 07973727469 or 01398322227 or email pwatts-mabbott@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk with a contact number and you iNaturalist username if you have one.



Activity Shifts Start End
Barle 01. Simonsbath to Cow Castle 1
Barle 02. Cow Castle to Landacre Bridge 1
Barle 03. Landacre Bridge to Withypool 0
Barle 04. Withypool to Pit Wood 0
Barle 05. Pit Wood to Tarr Steps 0
Barle 06. Tarr Steps to Three Waters 1
Barle 07. Three Waters to Hinam Farm 1
Barle 08. Hinam Farm to Marsh Bridge 1
Barle 09. Marsh Bridge to Salmon Trap 1
Barle 10. Salmon Trap – Exebridge 1
Bray 01. Kedworthy – Sheracombe tributaries 0
Exe 01. Source – Westermill 1
Exe 02. Westermill – Exford 1
Exe 03. Exford to Lyncombe 0
Exe 04. Lyncombe to Larcombe 0
Exe 05. Larcombe to Vicarage Bridge, Winsford 0
Exe 06. Winsford to Coppleham Cross (Week Bridge) 0
Exe 07. Coppleham Cross to Milton’s Bridge 0
Exe 08. Milton’s Bridge to Chilly Bridge 1
Exe 09. Chilly Bridge to Helebridge 1
Exe 10. Helebridge to confluence 1
Haddeo 01. Wimbleball Dam to Bury 0
Haddeo 02. Bury to confluence 0
Lea 01 Lee Abbey Estate 1
Lyn 01. Weir Water – Chalk Water (low risk) 1
Lyn 02. Robbers Bridge to confluence in Malmsmead 0
Lyn 03. Malmsmead to medieval village 0
Lyn 04. Medieval village , Tom’s Hill Barrows and tributaries including Lanacombe and Hoccombe Water 1
Lyn 05. Malmsmead to Rockford (NT boundary) 1
Lyn 06. Source of Farley Water to Hillsford Bridge 1
Lyn 07. Lynton – Barbrook 0
Lyn 08. Barbrook – Furzehill (Warcombe Water) 1
Lyn 09. Barbrook – Ranscombe – Woolhanger – Thornworthy 1
Mole 01. Heasley Mill, Radworthy ponds 1
Monksilver Stream 01. Raleigh’s Cross to Coombe Sydenham 0
Quarme 01. Oldrey Farm/South Wheddon Farm – Honeywell House 1
Quarme 02. Honeywell House to Coppleham Cross 1
Quarme 03. East tributary including South and North Quarme 1
Washford River 01. Leigh Barton – Comberow 0
Washford River 02. Druid’s Combe – Roadwater 0