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Getting Involved on Exmoor is important

We rely on volunteers to get involved and undertake valuable work from practical countryside management, wildlife surveying and controlling invasive species to inputting data and helping in a public facing roles in our National Park Centers and at public events delivering family activities.

Volunteers compliment our staff effort and help to increase the amount we can achieve together.

Take a look at our volunteer opportunities below, if you are interested in anything then fill out the purple link to Fill in an application .  Once you have made an account you will be able to to select the options that interest you.  you can edit these in the future through your account.    For more general enquirers contact getinvolved@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk.

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Volunteer Roles

Crayfish Surveying and Control 2024

We are looking for people interested in helping with helping to catch and control invasive signal crayfish in three different locations.  Exford, Dunster and Landacre.  The different sites have slightly different activities and requirements but all will need people working in the river, and helping from the bank.

Through the summer Whenever the river is low enough volunteers will meet every Tuesday in one or other of the locations.  We envision volunteers will have the option to attend one of the sites every week, but are likely to attend less often at their nearest site when ever they can.  

We will give volunteers as much notice as possible where we will be, but are likely to work with a week or two plan, subject to changing weather conditions affecting where we can go.   Basically if the summer is hot and dry we can plan ahead,  a weeks rain will through it all off...

Sign up here for more details

Rights of Way Surveying

Learn to survey public rights of way undertake minor repairs on gates and signposts and how to most effectively report issues that need further attention.

Rights of Way | Exmoor

We are aiming to have at least one volunteer assigned to each parish and that volunteer would try to walk all the paths in that parish each year.  In reality some parishes are huge and may require extra volunteers others are small and volunteers may take on multiple areas.   The aim is to get all paths walked each year.

This role is linked to Path Paring - where volunteers adopt a section of path that need regular cutting back and volunteers to keep it clear.

Path Paring

Volunteers adopt a section of path that needs regular cutting back  to keep it clear.  Tools and training are available to help with this.

We have a list of paths that we need help keeping clear through the summer, but if you have a particular section you want to work on that is usually fine as well.  The cutting back usually happens in the summer from June onwards.

Exmoor Rangers on X: "With our paring season in full swing, our Field  Services Team are working hard to cut back hundred of miles of rights of  way across #Exmoor. Balancing access

North Hill Community For Nature - Minehead

Meeting in Minehead on the last Tuesday of the month.  Carrying out habitat managing work, wildlife surveying.  Where possible we eat cake and drink tea.  Some work does get done....   Well lots of works get done, but breaktime is good as well..

for more details or if you need a lift from minehead contact pwatts-mabbott@exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk

Education / Outreach / Event Support Volunteers

Every year  Staff and volunteers help hundreds of school children and families to visit and learn about Exmoor.  We need volunteers to help in different capacities, from:-


  • Delivering educational activities
  • Acting as marshals, ensuring safety on site (particularly with large public events)
  • Back marking walks

Invasive Plant Surveying

We are looking for keen exmoor walkers who like exploring new places.

We a have a series of set routes that mostly following rivers but can also be done anywhere.  Volunteers walk these routes using iNatrualist to record the most notable vegetation as they go, paying particular attention to about half a dozen invasive species, recording these where ever they find them.

volunteers walk independently reporting their findings back using the iNaturalist app. 

South West Peatland Partnership, Restoration Working Party Volunteer

Try your hand at a range of essential peatland restoration tasks by joining the team of restoration working party volunteers with the SWPP. Regular days out will focus on completing practical tasks on our peatland sites, from peat bund maintenance to planting sphagnum plugs. This practical role gets you out and about in beautiful and crucial environments for people, climate and wildlife and contributing to the future health of peatlands across the South West. Our working parties are held across Exmoor, Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor and West Penwith, and you are most welcome to attend work parties closer to home or further afield.