Door Person


Shifts can be scheduled between: 12:30pm to 2:00am for Showcases; 10:00am to 2:00pm OR 1:30am to 6:00pm for the Education Conference

Requirement: 2 per venue entrance/conference shift

The role of volunteers on the door - working under direction from the Venue Manager and Music Nova Scotia staff - is to take money from the paying public, stamping hands and scanning for matching delegate badge/wristbands when applicable.  Door personnel will be briefed prior to events on delegate badge/wristbands for admission and will check badge/wristbands for admission to the conference.

  • During showcases, non-delegates will be able to attend the showcases for a cover charge of $15 night ($30 advance tickets apply to George Canyon).  If someone is insistent that they should be able to gain entry, please find the Venue Manager to assist. Cover charge is not transferable from one venue to another.

  • Guests arriving with bands that do not have credentials are not permitted free entry - guest lists must be approved by Music Nova Scotia.  If they are insistent, please find the Venue Manager

  • Generally, anyone who has a hand stamp will be allowed to leave the venue and is permitted re-entry.  When the venue is at capacity, patrons may leave but are not guaranteed re-entry.  For showcases at or near capacity, please ensure you inform those leaving that re-entry is not guaranteed and they may have to wait in line

  • Unless otherwise specified, host venue staff/security will have the final say about the room being at capacity

  • There will be a Music Nova Scotia staff person, board member or Venue Manager overseeing door operations.  Please see them with any questions you may have!

  • Please note: If you are volunteering at the door when weather is cold please wear warm clothes and gloves.  The door will be opening and closing constantly and it will be drafty