Venue Manager

Venue Manager

Shifts can be scheduled between 3:00 pm to 2:30 am

Requirement: 1 per venue

Venue Managers will be selected by, take direction from, and report to Music Nova Scotia staff.  Serving as our representation at the venue, Venue Managers work under the Music Nova Scotia Events & Marketing Manager to provide volunteer leadership and coordination at the showcasing venue and are also responsible for the following:

  • Arrive at the venue one hour before doors open

  • Meet with Stage Manager to discuss the venue schedule. Stage Managers have band contact information

  • Liaise with venue staff, including management and security

  • Ensure volunteers assigned to the shift have arrived and conduct a brief team meeting to review roles and answer questions.  If a volunteer does not show up, contact the Volunteer Manager or Coordinator. Contact numbers will be provided.

  • Meet with Lisa Stitt or her designate 30 minutes before doors open to receive necessary items for the evening and to check in floats

  • Ensure door and merch tables are set up

  • Pre-show venue revenue turnaround - clear the room of any patrons who are not delegates or not paying $15 cover (except George Canyon which is $30 for an advance ticket and $15 at the door).  For those staying, collect cover and stamp patrons or scan delegate passes as appropriate

  • Supervise capacity for delegate access in cooperation with venue owner/manager.  Use the indicated holdback of capacity to ensure green and orange pass holders are admitted. Capacity numbers are provided in folders.  All green, red and orange pass holders receive front of the line privilege and guaranteed venue entry, however access to the venue is subject to capacity.

  • Ensure artists have arrived and are paid after the performance.  All artists cheques are provided with a sign off sheet to be returned at end of night

  • Doors close for payment after the last performer has started

  • Ensure volunteer Merchandise Sellers have settled with bands/artists.  Merchandise Sellers stay until close. Music Nova Scotia, Venue Managers or Merchandise Sellers are not responsible for artist merchandise pick-up.  Unclaimed merchandise and funds are to be turned over to a Music Nova Scotia staff member, or left with venue management

  • Once shows are over and the venue package (see below) has been collected, you are free to leave.


Your venue package will include:

  • List of scheduled volunteers and assigned roles

  • Volunteer Manager, Volunteer Coordinator and necessary Music Nova Scotia staff contact information

  • Venue cash box and float

  • Venue merchandise cash box, calculator and float

  • Cash box and float (where applicable)

  • Click counter, hand stamp, ticket scanners, bracelets

  • Cheques and sign-off sheet for artist settlement

  • Door revenue, merchandise and settlement sheets

  • Samples of credentials for venue security/door personnel briefing

  • Venue itinerary

  • Venue capacity


Venue managers must ensure all venue volunteers and management have their contact information