Collective Hope Coalition - Resource Guide Translation

Collective Hope Coalition has developed a Community Resource Guide to connect LGBTQ+ folks living in North Texas with local free/low cost LGBTQ+ affirming organizations. So far we have over 40 organizations listed and continue to update this document every 3 months. Once the document is updated, we share it with our community partners and on our social media sites. Our latest Resource Guide can be found here: 

We are looking for a volunteer to help us create a Spanish version of this document, so that the Community Resource Guide can be more accessible to community members. Responsibilities would include meeting with the Coalition Coordinator regularly to discuss document updates, as well as translating the English document into Spanish once every three months. If you happen to independently come across any LGBTQ+ affirming services that are offered in Spanish, these would also be brought to the Coalition Coordinator for review and addition to the Resource Guide.

The first edition would require the most work, as the entire document needs to be translated. After the first edition, only small edits would need to be made each quarter.

Volunteer hours would be logged for meetings with the Coalition Coordinator and for time spent working on the document. 


If you are interested or if you have any questions about this project, please email Sidney Yerger at

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