Museums on Wheels Volunteer

Museums on Wheels Volunteer


Location: Volunteering at our Museums on Wheels roadshow at locations in and around Reading such as large scale public festivals and community venues like libraries


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Why we want you:

‘Museums on Wheels’ forms part of our museum outreach programme. We take the Museums Partnership Reading roadshow stall out to events in and around Reading, and also smaller scale in libraries and community venues.

We aim to enthuse members of the public about the museum and collections while we're out and about.

We bring items from our handling collection, a themed make and take, and we collect feedback to discover what might tempt visitors back into our free and fascinating venues.

In 2023 our roadshow will be particularly focussing on our environmental impact and responsibility through a creative environmental campaign.

You can find out more about ‘Our Green Stories’ on The MERL and Reading Museum ‘Our Green Stories’ blogs

What you will be doing:


  • help with set up or take down of the stall including gazebos and setting out activities
  • raise awareness of The MERL and Reading Museum
  • celebrate the opportunities at both museums
  • answer questions about the museums (e.g. have they visited before?) and hand out information and leaflets
  • ask visitors to the stand questions – in 2023 this will include consultation around environmental responsibility
  • run a themed badgemaking activity or craft activity
  • A picture containing websiteDescription automatically generatedsharing information about our handling collection of historic objects


Activity will take place throughout 2023.


Community venue dates are TBC, but we will attend the following public festivals:

Saturday 13th May 2023 - Community Festival - Whiteknights campus, University of Reading

Saturday 10th June 2023 WaterFest - Forbury Gardens

Sunday 11th June 2023 - Whitley Parade

Sunday 25th June 2023 - East Reading Festival

Saturday 2nd September 2023 – Love Unites – Reading Pride

This role will suit you if you are able to:


  • provide a confident, warm, and friendly welcome
  • become familiar with basic information about the museums and our public programming (e.g. events and one off activities designed to appeal to a broad audience)
  • understand some key messages and summarise them to a small group or individuals
  • talk to visitors and summarise their feedback
  • in 2023 this role will particularly appeal to anyone interested in environmental matters as well as museums, as we will be focusing on the ‘Our Green Stories’ campaign – you can follow the series of The MERL and Reading Museum ‘Our Green Stories’ blogs



What you will gain in return:

  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of environmental responsibility and our museums
  • Develop your people skills
  • Develop your teamwork skills
  • Have a really fun time meeting hundreds of people!


How much time will it take up?

You will form part of a team and as such there is no minimum expectation of the amount of time, but please note the dates of planned events, and activity will begin no earlier than April 2023. Shifts will be available to sign up for on our volunteering platform and on average volunteers attend for up to 5 hours, with breaks.


Who does the role report to?

Members of Reading Museum and The MERL take turns in leading the stall.
You will find out in advance who will be running the stall for each event.


To apply

New prospective volunteers - If you are not already registered to volunteer with Museums Partnership Reading, please register on our volunteering platform, ensuring you tick the box next to ‘Museums on Wheels’ in your ‘Interests’ before Friday 24th February 2023.

Existing volunteers - If you are already registered to volunteer with Museums Partnership Reading, please log in to the volunteering platform, click on My Profile, select the ‘Interests’ section, and ensure you tick the box next to ‘Museums on Wheels’ in your ‘Interests’ before Friday 24th February 2023.


Matching to the Role

To help us select our volunteers, we will look through all the application forms of those interested, and we will invite a limited number of those who most closely match our ideal requirements to an informal interview to discuss the role.