Ronald McDonald House - Ronald McDonald House

Clients benefit from interacting with volunteers through positive engagement in community programs. Volunteers offer a unique perspective and model the way; as many of them have had the same experiences. Clients will receive support and encouragement from the volunteer to persevere through the challenges they are currently facing.

Duties include: 

·         Register all families visiting the Family Room

·         Provide tours to new guests of the Family Room

·         Greet and assist families

·         Answer family inquiries

·         Work with families during various activities (craft programs, games, movie night, etc.)

·         Answer telephone

·         Accept donations

·         Liaise with hospital staff

·         Maintain snack and beverage inventory

·         Make coffee

·         Assist with laundry when necessary

·         Maintain tidiness and cleanliness of room

·         Sanitize regularly

·         Ensure supplies are stocked and well maintained

·         Liaise with hospital staff to ensure a clean environment for families

·         Communicate with other volunteers, and the Family Room Manager

·         Keep statistical records

·         Assist with the Hospitality Cart program and Food Program in NICU