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ShelterBox Australia is an international disaster relief charity that provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis. The main function of ShelterBox Australia is to undertake fundraising activities and promote brand awareness nationally – this is largely done though a network of 110+ volunteers. 

Every volunteer is instrumental in providing shelter to families after disaster, wherever they are in the world.   As we all face changes in our lives due to COVID-19, ShelterBox is not currently recruiting volunteers for any face-to-face or public activities, however we still need your help and have come up with new ways for you to volunteer during this time.

Right now there is still a massive global shelter need.  Shelter is as important, if not more important, than ever before in helping families to isolate.  Concerns for vulnerable populations such as those already displaced are increasing. We are deeply worried about the potential ‘crisis within a crisis’ in Syria and the other countries where we are working, plus the impact where we do not currently have responses.  Now more than ever, we need your help.

Our volunteers are critical to the work we do internationally.  ShelterBox Australia has a number of fun and interesting volunteer opportunities:

  • Online Advocates who share our message across their social media accounts
  • Ambassadors (online) who are the virtual face of ShelterBox through public speaking engagements, hosting virtual events and online fundraising
  • Fundraisers (online) whose primary role is to fundraise for ShelterBox aid - currently online, through socials and virtual networks 
  • ShelterBox Advocates who are Rotary Cub members that share the latest ShelterBox information with their clubs (through emails, newsletters and online meetings)
  • Event Volunteers who help out in a variety of ways at events and festivals (when we are back doing public volunteering)
  • ShelterBox Response Team Members who deploy overseas to deliver aid.

Our volunteers learn about the organisation, the contents of our aid, how we deliver critical support to families in need, and how we operate internationally so that they can represent us fairly and truthfully.   

ShelterBox Australia is a non-profit organisation, fully funded by donations. Therefore we ask that all our volunteers help us to identify, organise, and encourage opportunities for fundraising and media exposure.

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Mission Statement

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief organisation. We are made up of people who believe in shelter as a human right – that shelter from the chaos of disaster and conflict is vital. No ifs. No buts. This is why we provide the tools that enable people to rebuild homes and transform their lives. 

We are impatient to see a world where no family is left without shelter when disaster strikes. This drives us to transform the support of our donors, fundraisers and volunteers into the hope and power of families all over the world - the power to rebuild homes, lives and communities.

Our impatience leads to determination. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that no family goes without shelter.