Kindersley Health Centre Moms and Tots Provider Program

The mom and tots provider program provides mental, social, emotional and physical stimulation to not only the residents but also the children involved. This is an opportunity for residents to interact, enjoy some time outside and watch the children play. Residents can blow bubbles, sing songs and interact with the moms and tots of this program. 


Assist with the setup, participation and cleanup of the program

 Discuss set up and equipment needs with staff liason to ensure safety for all (electrical cords etc)

 The volunteer assists in encouraging and engaging residents to participate in programs to improve a residents well-being based on these 5 domains

  • o Physical
  • o Cognitive/Intellectual
  • o Emotional
  • o Social
  • o Spiritual

 Accept direction and feedback from Staff Liason and local Volunteer Services Coordinator

 Be respectful of confidentiality in all interactions

 Sign the media consent form (if necessary)

Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child/children at all times

SHIFTS ARE WEDNESDAY :  10:00 am - 11:30 am