VOLUNTEER OPENINGS - MKT: Social Media Team Members

Role Description:

Are you skilled with social media - or want to learn more about it?  If you know what you like and respond to and can help this team get postings turned around quickly and make them more exciting, informative, and drive up membership engagement - this may be the position you are looking for!  Looking for short or long term volunteers to help "get the word out" and increase our Social Media following to the greater Los Angeles area!

Must be creative and enthusiastic about training people on how to "get connected", familiar with hashtags and how to use them, and finding creative ways to make events sensational!

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:


  • 1-2 hours per week divided between campaigning (especially Twitter), and attending meetings (one hour on Monday evenings.
  • Publish meeting minutes if requested.
  • Manage & develop editorial content, including updating the team’s Campaign Tracker each week.
  • Log volunteer hours real-time or at a minimum weekly.


Monthly (Periodically):

  • Mentor new Social Media Team members on tools.
  • Chapter & BoD reporting, communication and escalations (as requested)
  • Metrics and benchmarking - from three different sources (once per month at end of month, as requested). 



  • Share compelling, quality social content, in addition to content produced by the PMI-LA team.  Understand what enhances and drives member value.
  • Keeping current with and understanding new tools or reports, for example the new CoS reporting tool: https://coschedule.com/blog/social-profile-reports/
  • Promote best practices and stay up to date on changes in the Social Media platform landscape.
  • Covering for team members who are unable to post as needed.


Skills required:

  • Knowledge, training and desire to utilize marketing, communications, public relations or journalism skills towards the goal of influencing the PMI-LA audience - with a keen sense of what motivates and engages.
  • Able to develop an “authentic” voice that resonates and engages the PMI-LA audience over the long-term.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills for effective communication to members. 
  • Ability to demonstrate tact, diplomacy and initiative when working with others.
  • Knowing what material is tasteful and well-positioned - and what is not.
  • Passion for learning the latest interactive technologies and techniques. 
  • Able to thrive in a fast-paced, self-starter environment.
  • Currently active in PMI-LA events & meetings and able to generate follow-up content that is engaging and interesting.


Expected Level Of Effort:

  • Minimum 1 hours per week – with additional time as needed. 

Notes:  Team of 4 already, looking for additional volunteers to help share the duties.

Reports to:  VP of Marketing & Outreach/Social Media Director