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Volunteers for Palliative Care are a not-for-profit community organisation dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families facing end-of-life challenges in our community.

Our Commitment to the Maitland Community

We’ve been supporting Maitland families since 1990 and have built strong connections and partnerships to better serve those in need of palliative care support.

Our specially trained volunteers provide free home-based services to improve quality of life, provide emotional comfort, and help with the stress and challenges of end-of-life care.

We are here to provide unwavering support and empathetic care throughout the journey.

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We invite you to join our compassionate community and make a difference to the lives of those with end-of-life challenges.

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We have many volunteering roles for you to choose from. Perhaps you would like to do more than one role. Read about all our volunteering roles below.

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Learn More About Our Volunteering Roles

Companionship/Respite Volunteer

Our Companionship and Respite Volunteers provide in-home personalised support to people and their family/caregivers. Our volunteers provide emotional support to those struggling with the emotional toll of their illness and aim to improve feelings of isolation and loneliness. Our volunteers providing a listening ear and a comforting presence during a difficult time.

Respite volunteers allow family members to take time for self-care or other responsibilities. 

Transport Volunteer

Our Transport Volunteers provide free transport to and from essential medical and specialist appointments. Transport volunteers use their own car to transport people and receive 0.65c reimbursement for each km travelled. 

Personal Memoir Writing Volunteer

Our Personal Memoir Writing Volunteers

We believe that everyone's story deserves to be cherished and preserved. Through our personal legacy writing service, we offer individuals facing palliative care the opportunity to document their life stories, memories, and wisdom. We train our volunteers in the art of capturing and preserving precious narratives, providing a lasting legacy for loved ones and future generations to cherish.

Fundraising Volunteer

Our Fundraising Volunteers help extend our services by being actively involved with the planning and implementation of fundraising activities such as Bunnings BBQ's, raffles, and promotional events to help raise awareness of our services in the Maitland Community. 

We also rely on Volunteer Board Members to help guide and govern our service and Volunteer Administrative Support to help streamline our operations.

Mission Statement

Together, we can bring emotional comfort, dignity, and compassion to the Maitland community.