Children's Arts and Crafts

Benefits in volunteers teaching children art and craft, include:

• Arts and craft improves children creativity. This aids children to think creatively and how to connect with their imagination. Creativity can make children happier. They express their emotions through arts and craft making them help children feel calmer and happier.

• It’s wonderful in children’s development. A craft or art project allows a child to practice their skills, like coordination (cutting, shaping), understanding shapes and colors.

• Children involved in art and craft result in having more patience. They need to follow teacher instructions and learning how to use difficult methods to complete activities.

• Arts and craft can stimulate a child’s interest in the world around them. Arts and craft projects can help children to explore different cultures and ideas. Great idea for volunteers to introduce their culture through an art or craft project.

• Creating things can be really rewarding to the children. When a child completes a project, they will enjoy the feeling of pride and achievement this will improve their self-esteem and confidence in themselves.