Hawthorne Hill Volunteer Work Days

Work Day Goals: Continue focusing on ecological restoration efforts by re-establishing structure and balance to increase native plant species, improve ecosystem sustainability and passive recreation activities. 


April and May

                Trail Repair and Restoration:

                Repair east side during tree removal work in March with leveling and mulch

                Pond Buffer and Woodland behind Nature Center:

                Control non-native trees and shrubs such as buckthorn and honeysuckle via selective clearing and herbicide application

                Create access points to pond for fishing

                Prairie Restoration:

                Rack and Level front Foothill Drive prairie area

                Spread wildflower seed in front prairie area

June, July, August

                Nature Play Area Improvement:

                Build teepee, weaving, and stone slab painting station

                Outdoor Woodland Classroom East Side Area:

                Clear woody vegetation, apply wood chips, provide seating

                Fire Pit Maintenance:

                Clear area and cut down

Date: Saturday, April 10th ;Saturday, May 8th ; Saturday, June 12th ;Saturday, July 10th ; Saturday, August 14th

Times:  9:00am To Noon