Elgin Litter League

Making a Difference One Bag at a Time
It’s really quite simple to join the Elgin Litter League. You can
collect litter by yourself, or with a group of family, friends or
other volunteers. Take a walk around your neighborhood and
collect litter. If you are able to, bring two separate trash bags
(it can be as simple as small grocery/retail bags) so that you
can keep trash and recyclables separate. Remember to dump
those recyclables loose into your
curbside recycling cart, because
you cannot recycle plastic bags
loose or around recyclables in the
curbside recycling program. Bags
can be recycled at most retailers.
“Together we can work to beautify
our community - the place we are
proud to call home,” said Mayor
David Kaptain.
Mayor Kaptain loves to stay active
and routinely goes on walks with his wife, Sandy. On their
walks, they collect recyclables found in their neighborhood.
You, too, can take pride in your neighborhood by simply
clearing up any visible waste. If you are going on a short
walk, use a small grocery bag to collect waste. Using large
garbage bags can contribute to unnecessary plastic waste if
you don’t fill it completely.