Costume volunteer positions include Costume Designer and Costume Assistants. The Costume Designer works with the director to create the physical manifestation of the characters. They must be able to sew, understand how to work on a budget, and collaborate with a team. We have lots of resources, both at the Majestic and in our community to pull great costumes. All designers work with the Director from either the proposal phase or just after and have their designs planned months before the show.

Costume Assistants assist with sewing, stitching, and fitting the costumes for the production. They may also help with quick changes during the show.

Interested in this assignment? You can apply by signing up for open positions on Better Impact or by contacting Megan van Breemen, Theatre Volunteer Coordinator, at or 541.766.6981. If you are not already an active Majestic Theater volunteer, please fill in an application form to join our program.