Street Team & Outreach

We are looking for volunteers to help promote the Majestic Theatre! Our Street Team puts up posters around town every other week. Street Team volunteers pick up a poster packet along a designated route. Poster pickup day is Thursday afternoon (1 - 4 pm). You can deliver the posters over the week and return the poster packet the following week. 

Occasionally we need outreach volunteers to help with tabling events, like the Fall Festival and outdoor summer events. If you are outgoing and love promoting the Majestic, you would be perfect for this role!

Interested in this assignment? You can apply by signing up for open positions on Better Impact or by contacting Megan van Breemen, Theatre Volunteer Coordinator, at or 541.766.6981. If you are not already an active Majestic Theater volunteer, please fill in an application form to join our program.