Sidewalking during lessons

 Do you like working with individuals with disabilities?  This position will be assisting our riders when necessary to accomplish the tasks involved in grooming, tacking, mounting, dismounting, and riding in the arena.


  •  Completion of all application requirements.
  •  Completion of Orientation(Level 1 and 2)
  •   Completion of Lesson Observation time frame (usually 2 hrs)
  •   You must be able to assist riders during an emergency dismount if needed.
  •   You should be healthy and strong enough to lift at least 40 lbs.
  •   You should be able to walk or trot (short periods) beside a horse for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  •   This job requires you to be physically fit and free of back and shoulder challenges.
  •   You may be asked to help with stall maintenance if your rider does not show.

Your personal well-being is important to us too. Please be honest about your ability.