Foster Program

Do you want to open your heart and home to shelter animals?

Fostering is an important step on a pet's journey to their forever home. A home enviroment is best for their health and well-being. Fostering cats and dogs allows them to thrive in a home enviroment and practice forming bonds with their caregivers. For pets who have been waiting longer for adoption, foster caregivers can help reassure adopters that these pets are a good fit for a home and speak to the type of home or family that would be the best match for the pet. 

Requirements to be a MACC Foster Caregiver:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Complete the foster application (top right of this screen) and the foster contract. 
  • Go through the required fostering orientations. 
  • Show proper photo identification (if driver’s license does not reflect current address, must provide a bill /lease with current address).
  • Be able to provide a safe, loving, and stable environment for the foster animal.
  • Be able to transport the foster animal to and from Metro Animal Care and Control during our normal business hours for booster, recheck, and spay/neuter appointments.
  • Be able to keep kittens and puppies separate from your own pets.
  • Be approved by the Foster Coordinator.

There are a few types of fostering we need at MACC:

Adoption Ambassador Fostering:
Our longer-term Adoption Ambassador program allows you to bring a dog or a cat home until they are able to find a home. You can advertise your foster friend to the public and also regularly send us pictures, videos and a bio we can share through social media! We provide all necessary supplies along! As an Adoption Ambassador, you will be a part of the adoption process for your foster pet. That means you can promote them for adoption and also meet potential adopters to find the perfect match.

Neonate Fostering and Medical Fostering: 
Our neonate (0-8 weeks old) foster program is for kittens and puppies that need to gain weight and be socialized in a home before being spay/neutered and placed on the adoption floor. Neonates will need to be kept in a safe space in the home separate from other animals where they can grow and thrive. Kittens and puppies under about 4 weeks old will need bottle feeding if they don't come in with their momma. Nursing mommas and babies will also need foster care until the babies are able to eat on their own. Lots of playtime and cuddling required! 

Medical fostering is for animals that are sick, injured, or recovering from a surgical procedure. Foster homes provide a stress-free place for these animals to heal. All medication and vet care provided by MACC!

Bow Wow Breakouts (Dogs only):
Our Bow Wow Breakout Program is a short-term fostering option that gets dogs out of the shelter for day trips (hikes, walks, parks, patios etc..) or a week of fun! All supplies provided. We want your great photos and info to share about what makes this wonderful pup adoptable! It's scientifically proven that getting break from the shelter, even for a few days, can relieve a lot of stress from shelter dogs.