Teen Volunteers in Coppell - Voter Awareness: Graphic Designer

You may not be old enough to vote, but you can impact this election!

Use your aesthetic eye to design engaging graphics about getting out the vote! It's important people know how to vote, where to vote, registration deadlines & more! You can use your own design software (if you already have access) or use canva.com, a free service for graphic design.


Can be sized for Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. If you use canva.com for designs, there are templates in the correct sizes.

Content must:

  • Be non-partisan (cannot endorse a candidate or discuss a specific issue)
  • Focus on educational content about getting out the vote
  • Emphasize the importance of voting

Here are some example topics:
*Checking voter registration
*Registering to vote (deadlines, process, etc.)
*What to bring to the polls
*Early voting
*Eligibility to vote by mail
*How to check what's on your ballot
*Finding your polling location

You can find reliable, non-partisan voting information through the following sources:
City of Coppell Elections Page: www.coppelltx.gov/Election
Dallas County Elections Page: www.dallascountyvotes.org
Denton County Elections Page: www.votedenton.com
Secretary of State Page: www.sos.state.tx.us
Vote Texas: https://www.votetexas.gov/

Designs must be submitted online at https://forms.gle/eAW2AH2Y8nPRRBfJ7

Please note: This is a city-sponsored voter awareness campaign. The City of Coppell does not advocate “for” or “against” any content represented in conjunction with this activity. The information contained in this awareness campaign is provided for educational and informational purposes only.