Royal Adelaide Show

Welcome to the 2018 Royal Adelaide Show Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program covers most areas of the Royal Adelaide Show, focusing on customer service and improving the experience for Show patrons. We are a hardworking, friendly and inclusive team. There is a lot of fun to be had volunteering at the Show.

If you are a returning volunteer - welcome back to another year! It's great having you back on board and we can't wait to work with you again. 

If you are a new volunteer/applicant - applications close 30th May with interviews on 5th and 6th June. Please book an interview by emailing



22nd February - Recruitment drive begins for 2018

13th & 14th April - 2018 Information sessions

30th May - Application close
5th & 6th June - Interviews held for new applicants
16th June - Volunteer roles open for sign-up

8th August - All paperwork due: Volunteer Agreements, car park requests, returned National Police Clearances, and Role Selection closed

9th - 22nd August - Rosters set by Volunteer Manager

24th & 25th August - Compulsory volunteer induction; all volunteers MUST attend one of the these sessions
29th August - Optional scanner training - evening session only
31st August - 9th September - 
SHOW TIME!!! :-)
27th October - Volunteer 'Thank You' fun day

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Mission Statement


Be renowned as the most outstanding, fulfilling and successfully diverse volunteer program in SA for major events.



Assist RA&HS SA in delivering a fun, educational and safe experience to all patrons and exhibitors.



  1. SHOW us your Teamwork
    Work hard and harmoniously to achieve our Mission
  2. SHOW off your Enthusiasm
    Be passionate and proud about the Show, the Society and the delivery of your customer service
  3. SHOW all your Respect
    Courteous and considerate to all patrons, staff and volunteers, regardless of background, gender, age or abilities
  4. SHOW others your Veracity/Sincerity
    Be fair in you decisions and show integrity in your actions
  5. SHOW colleagues your Commitment
    Dedication to the job, to the improvement of the programme and to supporting each other at all times
  6. SHOW yourself your Improvement
    Seek and expect quality training and skill acquirement for your role, enhance your knowledge