San Diego LGBT Community Center Volunteers

Thank you for making The San Diego LGBT Community Center your Volunteer Destination.  For the last 45 years volunteers have been the heart of our community.  Helping to deliver critical services and programs that build the well-being and strenghten the foundation of our Center.  

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AIDS Walk & Run (AWSD) - Volunteering is OPEN to the public! Everyone Welcomed!

AIDS WALK & RUN SAN DIEGO:  San Diego's largest one-day HIV/AIDS fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, September 28. 


Every year, 500 fabulous volunteers help us make AIDS Walk & Run San Diego happen. Do you want to be part of that incredible team? Of course! Who wouldn't?  We have more than 18 Volunteer Opportunities for you , your team, your office, your community group, your church, your faternity and/or sorority. 


See below for a full list!

Activity Shifts Start End
2019 AWSD - - - - - Phone Bank (1 month before) 3 9/24/2019 9/26/2019
2019 AWSD - - - Loading - (2 Days Before) 1 9/26/2019 9/26/2019
2019 AWSD - Festival Site 0 9/28/2019 9/28/2019
2019 AWSD - Health & Happiness Monitors (Route & Safety) 1 9/28/2019 9/28/2019
2019 AWSD - Hoopla - Start/Finish 1 9/28/2019 9/28/2019
2019 AWSD - Reasons We Remember 1 9/28/2019 9/28/2019
2019 AWSD - Route Breakdown 1 9/28/2019 9/28/2019
2019 AWSD - SDSU 4 Health & Happiness 1 9/28/2019 9/28/2019
2019 AWSD - Site Breakdown - Later Shift 1 9/28/2019 9/28/2019
2019 AWSD - Teams Land 1 9/28/2019 9/28/2019
2019 AWSD - Transportation Team 1 9/28/2019 9/28/2019
2019 AWSD - Voter Registration Team 1 9/28/2019 9/28/2019

Get To Know You Sessions - Full Volunteer Process @ The Center

Thank you for taking the first step toward becoming a volunteer at The Center! We rely on volunteers to help us achieve our mission – we couldn’t do it without you!

Due to the sensitive nature of our programs and services, there is a process to apply and be accepted as a Center volunteer. The process takes on average 2-4 weeks. 

Our current Volunteer Application process requires that volunteers:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Complete an On-line Volunteer Application
  • Schedule a Get To Know You Session
  • Attend a 2-Hour Volunteer Orientation 
  • Complete Live Scan (fingerprinting) and clearance of Megan’s Law

All potential new volunteers who are classified as Applicants are required to schedule a 20 minute Get To Know You Session, before being invited to the New Volunteer Orientation. See below for a full list of upcoming Get To Know You Sessions.

Activity Shifts Start End
Get To Know You Sessions - GTKY 2019 183 9/21/2019 12/21/2019

San Diego LGBT Community Center's Mission Statement

The mission of The San Diego LGBT Community Center is to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and HIV communities by providing activities, programs and services that create community; empower community members; provide essential resources; advocate for civil and human rights; and embrace, promote and support our cultural diversity.