Teter Organic Farm

We are so happy you are interested in volunteering with Team Teter!  This is a dynamic farm with lots of opportunities to serve and be in community.  We are happy to answer all of your questions.  Please start by reading about the volunteer teams and and getting a feel for what opportunities are available. 

Before you start, you'll need to sign the Annual Waiver, which is available here or with the QR code below.



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Volunteer Teams

Wash Pack-Veggie Prep Team

The wash pack team is active weekly from late May to late October in 2023.

This crew washes or otherwise cleans, packages, bunches, weighs, and sorts our harvest for sale and distribution.

Each shift is two hours.  Most job require standing on hard surfaces but we can accommodate for seated positions.  

Greenhouse Seeding and Watering

Our greenhouse volunteers work from mid-February to June to start seeds, pot up plants, water, and tend the plants for the Annual Plant Sale and the farm.  

Mowing Crew

The Mowing Crew uses Teter's mowers to maintain the common use areas of the property for the enjoyment and safety of guests.  

Retreat Landscaping Team

The Retreat Landscaping Team keeps the rental area looking beautiful and seasonal.

Chicken Tenders

The Chicken Tender Team feeds and waters the chickens, collects the eggs and helps maintain the coop.

Egg Washing

The Teter Egg Washing Team cleans and packages the eggs weekly for customers and donations.

Rental Team

The Teter Rental Team is made up of three groups who select their availability to help either wash linens, clean the cabins or lodge, or make the beds, based on the rental calendar.  

Cut Flower Garden

This team meets twice a week to plant, maintain, and harvest the Teter's beautiful cutting field.

Team Veggie

This team works in the produce fields and high tunnels to grow the produce we sell and donate.  This is farm labor and includes transplanting, raking, weeding, and other physical tasks.

Invasive Plant Removal Team

This crew works in our natural areas to remove and prevent invasive species.

CSA Distribution Crew

This team sets up for CSA pickup, hands out veggies, talks to our members, and tears down at the end of the evening each week from mid May to late Oct.

Peace Garden Team

The Peace Garden, it's plants, art, and labeling, are maintained by this group of volunteers who meet twice a week but can work independently once trained.

Education Team

The Education volunteers help our Education Director when we need adults for children's programing or promotion of events.

Special Events Team

Teter hosts several special events during the year, most notably our Annual Farm to Table Dinner.  This team gets the people, the funds, the food, and the atmosphere coordinated.

Farmer's Market Crew

The Farmer's Market Team sets up our booths on Saturday mornings, mans the stand, and packs everything up to go home afterwards.

Cookbook Crew

This is the crew that collects our fabulous veggie recipes for the Teter Cookbook and enters them into our publishing software. 

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders are a vital part of our food security mission as for every egg we sell we donate an egg to a food program to help others.  Eggs are a great source of protein and Farm Fresh eggs are known to have more vitamin A&E as well as less bad cholesterol.  These healthy eggs are made possible by the chickens great care and ability to roam in their chicken yard and be part of a flock.  

Chicken Tenders add/change water, top off the food, gather eggs, and scrap the poop from the poop trays.  The girls love interaction from the volunteers so please talk to them and you are also welcome to give them treats.  The chickens eat everything we do with the exception of salty snacks, onions, hot and spicy food, and meat.  


Activity Shifts Start End
Chicken Tender 664 2/3/2023 12/31/2023

Greenhouse Seeding/Planting

Activity Shifts Start End
Greenhouse season opening 1 2/16/2023 2/16/2023

Mission Statement

Our mission is to combat food insecurity, build meaningful relationships, and educate the community on ecological stewardship.

Our ethos:

We use the resources we have to meet the needs of our community.  We assume the best, give without strings, and welcome everyone.