Time Commitment:

  • Each cataloguer has an assigned time slot on the cataloguing schedule.
  • Usually work 1 day a week, morning or afternoon, hours are flexible depending on how many items are waiting to be catalogued.


  • Cataloguers report to the Head Cataloguer, who in turn reports to the Chief Librarian.
  • Each of the cataloguing staff are assigned to a specific genre to catalogue. eg. Fiction, nonfiction, children’s etc.
  • Cataloguers ensure that new books go from arriving in a packing box to the library shelves in a timely manner.
  • Books are unpacked, invoices are checked off and given to the Administrative Assistant.
  • Books are sorted onto appropriate shelves by genre
  • Books are catalogued in Sitka, barcoded, labelled and RFID’d
  • Books are then placed on shelves ready for bindery staff
  • Cataloguing of donated items.
  • Deleting items from the catalogue when the collection is culled by the shelving staff.