Interlibrary Loans


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is like a “library within a library”, as we do all the circulation in and out much as the Circulation desk does for Salt Spring Library.

ILL deals with patrons wanting to borrow books that Salt Spring Island Public Library (SSIPL) does not have but other provincial libraries are willing to lend.  The patrons have access to all catalogues and can request through our SSIPL website up to 3 books at any one time. 

Incoming Process

  • ILL books are sent through the mail to ILL and we then process them and they are signed out to the patron on their SSI library card at the circulation desk.
  • Books are returned, checked in by ILL staff, and packaged and sent back to the respective libraries.

Outgoing Process:

  • The other half of ILL is lending SSIPL books to other B.C. Libraries as requested.  We receive these requests on the provincial AGent website, and sign them out to ILL Salt Spring to keep track.
  • We package up requested books and send them to the appropriate library for a specified time. 
  • When items are returned, we sign them in to ILL and return them to our library for shelving.

All of this is kept track of in Victoria via the Provincial Library Interlibrary Loan system, and we can access any other library in the province, as needed. 

There is one ILL worker for each day we are open, including Saturday.  The ILL head provides training and orders supplies and troubleshoots where necessary.  Hours are flexible and can be as little as 2 hours or as much as 5 or 6 hours, depending on the mail to go out or coming in. 

This group arranges their own holidays and substitutes in a friendly and supportive manner.