Staff-Led Audubon Coastal Bird Surveys - Ladner Pier, Waveland, MS-ACBS

Ladner Pier, Waveland, MS

Audubon Coastal Bird Survey (ACBS) 



Join Audubon staff to count and document coastal bird species. This survey pulse gauges the health of coastal bird populations and provides valuable data for addressing the conservation needs of coastal waterbirds that breed, migrate and winter along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Dates: See below


Duration: 1.5 hours


Site Type: Mainland Beach


Site Description: This site has sandy beach on either side of a large pier, with rocky jetties on either side. Reddish Egrets, Ruddy Turnstones, and a variety of plovers and sandpipers are common on the mudflats directly adjacent to the jetty. The opposite side of the road has mature live oaks and suburban yards which attracts common suburban passerine species such as Northern Mockingbirds, Blue Jays, and Carolina Wrens.


Dates: See list below


Meeting Location: Ladner Pier (parking area) 125 N Beach Blvd, Waveland, MS 39576


Transect GPS Coordinates: (Start at Sarah's Lane) 30°17'13.0"N 89°21'44.2"W to (End at Vacation Lane) 30°16'35.4"N 89°22'24.5"W


If you have questions about meeting times and location, please contact Stewardship Coordinator, Amanda Douglas at (904) 557-8422 or . Times and days are subject to change, depending on weather conditions, please contact Site Coordinator to verify times.


Happy Birding!