Staff-Led Audubon Coastal Bird Surveys - Bayou Caddy, Bay St. Louis

Bayou Caddy, Bay St. Louis, MS

Audubon Coastal Bird Survey (ACBS)


Join Audubon staff to count and document coastal bird species. This survey pulse gauges the health of coastal bird populations and provides valuable data for addressing the conservation needs of coastal waterbirds that breed, migrate and winter along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Dates: See below

Duration: 1 hour

Site Type: Mainland Beach

Site Description: This site has a sandy shoreline, and many artificial pilings, jetties, and structures. Plovers and sandpipers can be viewed foraging on the flats, while large groups of gulls loaf on the beach and pier. On the other side of the quiet street, you can often see Red-winged Blackbirds and Loggerhead Shrike on the power lines. There is also a marsh system behind the street which hosts Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, Clapper Rails, and Great Egrets. 

Meeting location: Silver Slipper Casino (parking lot), 5000 S Beach Blvd, Bay St. Louis, MS 39520. Ample parking is available.

Survey Transect: This transect is 1 mile long. The west end is at the Silver Slipper Casino and the east end is the rock jetty at the end of the beach.

Transect GPS Coordinates: Start-30.239694N 89.424306W  Stop-30.251694N 89.420778W

If you have questions about meeting time or location, please contact Field Operations Associate Tim Guida at or 914-552-5428Time is subject to change, depending on weather conditions. Please contact Tim to confirm time.


Happy Counting!

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