Duty Volunteer

Are you a returning Adelaide Festival volunteer? Have you got relevant volunteer supervision experience? Are you seeking to develop you supervision or people management skills? Are you looking for an opportunity where you can challenge yourself a little more while still having fun as a volunteer?

If so, we are seeking return or suitably experienced volunteers to express interest in becoming a Duty Volunteer. A Duty Volunteer will be the lead volunteer working with a group of volunteers on a particular shift where you can provide leadership and direction to your team, where it is not possible for the Volunteer Manager to be on site to provide this support directly.

This might occur where events overlap and competing interests mean the Volunteer Manager can not be in every place at all times. As a designated Duty Volunteer, you will have in addition to the requirements of the role, the duty to boost morale, encourage and support your peers and liaise with Staff regarding any issues, organise rotations or breaks, or just be a support for newer volunteers doing their shift.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, please look for these roles as they are advertised!