Support our Girl Scouts - Inglewood Innovation Center: Innovation Inspirers/Site Support

The Inglewood Innovation Center is a place where girls can incorporate scientific discovery in their lives. Activities will focus on three key aspects of STEAM: Engineering, Programming, and Robotics. The center includes access to a variety of technology, materials, and equipment that otherwise may not be available to them, such as 3D printers, laptops, tablets, and robotics kits. Through a variety of cooperative learning opportunities and hands-on experimentation, girls will hone key STEAM-related skills such as creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving all while having fun and gaining confidence. 

This is where you come in! We need volunteers to help our Girl Scouts and troops navigate the space.  They can sign up for self-guided tours and will have access to all of the technology and supplies, but may need an inspiration boost on what to create.

With your support, our Girl Scouts can:

  • Take Tinkering to a new level with tools and activities that challenge their creativity and craftiness!
  • Master Technology and learn to use computer science for fun and good!
  • Explore Robotics and go from novice to competitor! 
  • Find endless ways to Innovate and learn about STEAM!