DOXA Delivery Drivers

Festival Role

  • Are you interested in supporting DOXA by delivering program guides and festival gift bags to various locations?

  • Do you have a vehicle and some flexible hours of availability? 

  • Are you willing to donate time and room in your car to the festival?

Volunteer Qualities:

  • Friendly

  • Flexible

  • Energetic

  • Service-oriented

Delivery volunteers are prepared to be: 

  • Interested in and willing to donate time driving their own vehicle (with mileage reimbursement) to deliver program guides to various locations and festival gift bags to customers’ homes

  • Possesses correct licensing and insurance for vehicle which includes a valid unrestricted Class 4 Driver’s license (some exceptions for Class 5 drivers permitted) and you have your own vehicle with insurance (or access to a vehicle)

  • Drivers will be reimbursed for necessary parking and mileage between pickup and drop off locations (not including from the volunteer’s home)