Stephenson Steam Railway - Footplate department - Fireman


Firemen are responsible for keeping a good head of steam, keeping an eye on the state of the fire and the water level in the boiler at all times. Other duties include helping the driver with general preparation of the locomotive, coupling and uncoupling the locomotive to/from the coaching stock and teaching engine cleaners how to fire.

It normally takes several turns to master the art of firing; however, this differs depending on levels of experience and how quickly an individual can learn. The minimum age for a fireman is 16.

Volunteers are required to sit a theoretical exam paper and practical assessment from the railway's inspectorate before becoming qualified.

Qualifications Required

  • Covid 19, return to, or starting to volunteering Must be eLearning covid19 response
  • Equalities Data returned Must be Returned
  • General induction Must be attended
  • Photo Consent form signed Must be Yes
  • Read Volunteer policy and volunteer agreement Must be yes
  • Read Volunteers returning to Museums information Must be Completed