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Follow your favourite TWAM museum or gallery on Twitter to get your daily culture fix.

You can do this as often as you like, accepting the challenge tells us that you are doing it!

Here are the Twitter handles for each of our venues, for easy reference:










And please include the hashtag #ShareTheJoy so we can track your tweet as a volunteer.

Why get involved?

Engaging with our venues through social media is a great way for us to keep our visitors engaged and informed about what's happening at TWAM and to increase access to our programmes and collections.

Taking part in challenges supports Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums by:

  • Helping us to understand the impact in time and value of the efforts of our volunteers
  • Allowing us to recognise and reward the work of volunteers

    How to get involved?

    Step 1: Sign up or log in.

    Step 2: Accept the challenge.

    Step 3: Go to Twitter and start following! If you are in need of inspiration, why not come along to one of our great events and tweet a photo of your experience?

Qualifications Required

  • Read Volunteer policy and volunteer agreement Must be yes