Stephenson Steam Railway - Footplate department - Cleaner / Trainee

In the footplate department, volunteers start out as engine cleaners/diesel trainees before becoming trainee firemen. Cleaners carry out shed turns to help the driver and fireman prepare and clean the locomotive for the day's work. This is a great way to learn how our steam/diesel locomotives work and how they are operated. After one or two shed turns, a cleaner will become a trainee fireman, spending the day on the locomotive and (among many things) learn the purposes of the controls, how to couple the engine to the coaches and (on steam locos) how to fire.

No experience or training is required to start as a cleaner. However, it is usual for a cleaner to spend a couple of turns assisting the crew to prepare the locomotive on shed before a full day as a trainee fireman. Volunteers must be 16 years old to begin working on the footplate.

Qualifications Required

  • Covid 19, return to, or starting to volunteering Must be eLearning covid19 response
  • Equalities Data returned Must be Returned
  • General induction Must be attended
  • Photo Consent form signed Must be Yes
  • Read Volunteer policy and volunteer agreement Must be yes
  • Read Volunteers returning to Museums information Must be Completed