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Dive in!

Collections Dive is our digital discovery engine, designed to give you access to a huge number of objects from TWAM's collections and help you easily discover intriguing material. Using it is easy:

  • Objects are presented based on how you use the site.
  • The more you explore certain artefacts, the more related the content will be.
  • The faster you scroll, the more random the results
  • You can take part in this Volunteer challenge as often as you like, accept the challenge and let us know you are doing it!

    What Is involved?

    Use Collections Dive to scroll through our massive collection, find something fascinating and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or email to a friend.

    When you post or share to the social media of your choice use #ShareTheJoy so that we can track your volunteer contribution. Thank you!

    Why get involved?

    Using Collections Dive and sharing your finds helps by:

  • Keeping our visitors engaged and informed about what's happening at TWAM.
  • Increasing access to our programmes and collections through digital engagement.

    Taking part in challenges supports Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums by:

  • Helping us to understand the impact in time and value of the efforts of our volunteers.
  • Allowing us to recognise and reward the work of volunteers.

Qualifications Required

  • Read Volunteer policy and volunteer agreement Must be yes

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - All Day
  • Tuesday - All Day
  • Wednesday - All Day
  • Thursday - All Day
  • Friday - All Day
  • Saturday - All Day
  • Sunday - All Day