Stephenson Steam Railway - Footplate department - Diesel Driver and Diesel Second Man

Similar to the role of cleaner, a diesel trainee learns the route, rules, shunting and operation of diesel locomotives and will progress onto a diesel second man. The second man is not only the drivers second set of eyes, but they also carry out any shunting duties required and (similarly to a fireman) coupling and uncoupling duties.

The diesel driver's responsibility is similar to that of a steam driver, their day also starts with a thorough FTR exam, oiling up etc before driving the railway's passenger trains/shunts.

Volunteers are required to sit a theoretical exam paper and practical assessment from the railway's inspectorate before becoming qualified.

Qualifications Required

  • Covid 19, return to, or starting to volunteering Must be eLearning covid19 response
  • Equalities Data returned Must be Returned
  • General induction Must be attended
  • Photo Consent form signed Must be Yes
  • Read Volunteer policy and volunteer agreement Must be yes
  • Read Volunteers returning to Museums information Must be Completed