Green Team


Pick-up truck and drivers license is an asset, but not required

    Work under the direction of the Green Team Crew Leader

    Travel around the Festival site and collect garbage and recycling from all the receptacles
    Bring collected items back to the Sorting Station
    Sort all recycling into proper bins/bags
    All refundable recycling gets stored into the large UHaul provided
    All non-refundable recycling to be stored and turned into the Wells Recycling depot on the Tuesday following the Festival
    All garbage gets collected to be taken to the Wells Refuse Site

How Long:    4 hr shifts
When:    Friday, August 2 / Saturday, August 3 / Sunday, August 4 / Monday, August 5 / Tuesday, August 6
Which Venues:   Entire Festival Site & Sorting Station
Report To:    Green Team Crew Leader