Security/Room Monitor/Ticket Checker/Counter


Please note: This position can be challenging at times and is not for everyone.
Doors to be assigned:
- Front door (checking wristbands, counting patrons)
- Exit only
- Air circulation
- Band entry only
- Roving

    Stand at the door or area assigned to you
    Greet festival-goers, volunteers, artists, etc.
    Check for appropriate wristband
    Keep track of capacity numbers with the counter provided
    Have people leave backpacks outside of venue
    No outside alcohol allowed inside venues
    Some venues have exit only doors you may be assigned to
    Some venues may have crew or artists only doors you may be assigned to
    In some cases you may have to keep crowds outside because the venue is at capacity

How Long:    4 hr shifts
When:    Friday, August 2 / Saturday, August 3 / Sunday, August 4 / Monday, August 5
Which Venues:    Outdoor Stage, Main Hall (upstairs & downstairs), Sunset Theater, Wells Pub, Museum Stage, Jack O Clubs, Legion, Wells/Barkerville School (aka-kitchen/dining hall & artist camping)
Report To:   Various Crew Leaders